DAN DEACON!Dan Update: Dan is Freshman Drama Studies major at SUNY Purchase. He likes having a good time and eating playdough. He's a libera(thats a lie). There was this guy that used to give Dan hundred dollar bills for Dan to comb his hair. dan used the money to buy li-a-tards and he gave them to the homeless. What a nice boy! I heard a rumor that he peed on some homeless people once and thats why he feels bad for them now. what an asshole!


This is Dan being hot, as always. This photo was taken a couple of years ago at Dorney Park when the band went there for a festivle thing. He won the piece of shit for 28 dollars. What a marroon.

Dan at SUNY ALbany. The band is in the background, where they belong, in his shadow. What losers.

This hot stud is outside Vudu Recording Studios. He thought it would be funny if he held funny things like a frying pan and shit. But alas, he was wrong

Dan kissing ass as always. Shaking hands and killing babies. A mans work is never done.

I like bananas. I like baseball. I can't find my arm. I like bananas.

Taken at the OLV winter ska fest. The crowd rushed the stage. It was great.

Dan in his glory. Taken years ago, doesn't he look differnt? Taken by my bud Sandy Funk, who hates me now. Please don't hate me Sandy.

How is he not gay? Look at this. Now ask yourself: how is Dan not gay?

I like bananas. I like baseball. I can't find my arm. I like bananas.

Dan hard at work on the radio. Off the topic but when Dan got his 9th pair of checkered vans last month, he ordered them a size to small and for a week his feet bleed. Yuck.

Action shot! Thats it.

He can jump. Really.

Dan sweats gallons of sweats at every show! Wow, clean guy.


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