Erin Cagiloti!Erin plays piano and spends her free time eating meat and drinking blood at the misfortune of animals. She's a libra(lie). Last year, she smeared her shit all over the walls of the village pool bathroom. She got all of Channel 59 banned from going there ever again. Thanks alot erin! That was mean.


Here is erin playing them keyboards at the OLV Winter Ska Fest back on 1.16.99. That was a really fun show. Erin didn't punch any of us in the face at that show. Any show with out erin beating us is a good show in my book!

Erin back stage of the Brick House Brewery when we played with the Scofflaws, Spider Nick, and Doppler 4000 on 10.5.98. Check out those shades. I bet she borrowed them from Matt!

"What! No! I didn't do it I swear! That gun is for hunting! I swear!"

erin back on the day of our first show, the Bar Mitzva. It was the saddest show ever. We played 20 minutes and everybody hated us. We were so awful. We never got another Bar Mitzva offer after that.

Erin playing keyboard at a practice a while ago at Dans house. She playing the keyboard that we stole the progression for "The Channel 59 Theme Song" from.

Another practice at Dans. This one ended in disaster! erin killed our Basson player, Mort right after he took this picture. We miss you Mort.

Erin has missed practices.


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