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Well, heres the story. We want to get our own domain name, you know, like www.channel59.com. But, some jerk had to go ahead and buy it! What a loser. Well, he's selling....for $10,000!!! No less, cash or stock only! Well, you don't fuck with Channel59, so here is what we did. The emails below are our offers to buy the domain name from him abd his respones. BE SURE TO READ THE SUBJECTS AND WHO ITS FROM!

Subj: I'll buy channel59.com
Date: 12/27/99 2:16:29 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Jeffrod444
To: domains@comp-u-geek.com
To tell you how bad i want it i wrote this song.

You stupid fat fuck
why you selling channel59.com for 10,000 dollars
you stupid fat fuck.

I hope you like that, here is another.

I mean come on what the fuck is wrong with you
suck my grandma's two foot twat
i mean come on 10,000 dollars
you are a fuck.

So if you are still selling channel59.com we will buy it for 10 dollars, not 10,000 dollars you stupid fat fuck just 10 dollars, and you have to toss our salads. you pals channel59. visit our web page at http://channel59.tripod.com or visit our other site Channel59 hates James Chisholm. Once again you pals channel59. Please respond to our offer. Have a nice day ............ you fat fuck.

Subj: Re: I'll buy channel59.com
Date: 12/27/99 2:20:17 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: geek@comp-u-geek.com
To: Jeffrod444
Your a fuckin idiot

Subj: Re: I'll buy channel59.com
Date: 12/29/99 10:19:58 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Jeffrod444
To: geek@comp-u-geek.com
The context in which you used the word "your" was incorrect. The proper idiom would have been the compound word "you're" as in "Hey James Chisholm, you're a pig fucker."

Also, "fuckin" is also incorrect in that you should have used "fucking" or even if you felt the necessity to use modern slang, the use of an apostrophe would have appropriate.

I hope you have learned something about grammar. But Here is a recap:

"Hey James Chisholm, you're a pig fucker. A fucking (or fuckin') pig fucker."

So if you're still willing to sell the domain "www.channel59.com" well raise our price to $5. Thank you for your time once again.

Channel 59

Well, I had to delete his last email because he attached a virus so I didn't save it. It was something dumb. Well, heres the part where you come in! We want you to fuck with him as well!!! Just email him an tell him to sell us www.channel59.com for $100. You can get his email adress at www.channel59.com or its: geek@comp-u-geek.com. So please email him as many times as you want!

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