JEFF MAGIL!Mighty as the oak! Wise as the owl! Tall as Tim! Jeff is often the only voice of reason in this crazy world of Channel59. He'll say things like:
No, the bass isn't to loud.
Yes, I am in tune!
I'll kick your ass Nick if you tell me the bass is too loud.
I just checked the tuning! I'm good!
No, this bass line isn't to complex. It's fine.

Jeff holds the band together in many ways. Not only with his worlds of wisdom, but also by being on of the most FUCKABLE members according to fans! Click here for that!


I fine photo of Jeff in the studio where we recorded or yet to be released album. Jeff was all alone in this little sound proof booth for two days straight. He went crazy after a while demanding hand jobs and morphine.

Well, here we have Jeff and Nick with our old manager, the evil Slick Tommy Moneybags. Slick Tommy promised us a deal with SONY and promised us millions. We were so happy we threw him a big party! Little did we know Slick Tommy Moneybags was evil, and full of lies.

Infact, Jeff and Nick were so taken in by Slick Tommy Moenybags, they threw him a small party of their own for Slick Tommy. Damn you Slick Tommy!

Wow! Atomic Crack! Wow!

Jeff was lost alone and cold for days in the endless caves deep in the wild woods of Babylon.we searched and searched for him. Through the snow, rain and mud. Nothing could stop us. Here is the photo of when the ranger found him. Scared and alone, with noting but Baby Oil and a frozen hot dogs.

Jeff takes hours to find his shoes.


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