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Last Updated 4/1/00

Hey, hey. Your best pals in the whole wide world (the members of Channel 59) have compiled a list of the coolest links. Go to them...NOW!!! Or don't. Fine, be that way. See if we care. This page is going to get redone all pretty like with nice things. Send us your link, we'll post it. And if you have sent us your link and we didn't post if, hey, no big woop, send it again, no big woop.

Links de Channel 59

Step Lively: A good band with nice boys!.
Barky: An other great band with nice boys! Dan goes to SUNY Purchase with them, and thousands of other people.
Skaburbia: A really great page. It's alot better than this shit page.
Ska Mining Company: Lots and Lots of Ska Links, go there, they have candy!.
The Offical Channel 59 Fan Page!: More stuff about Channel 59, but frm a third outside party. Clever. Very clever.
Moon Ska: Sure, they haven't signed us, but they got a bunch of kick-ass bands on their label.
The Scofflaws: Go here if you know what's good for you.
What Is It To You Records: A new punk\ska label from LI.
WCF: A rockin' LI rock band. Apparently knows Ch59 somehow.
Foo Fighters Internet Archive: If you don't like the Foo Fighters don't even look at Tim.
They Might Be Giants: If you don't like They Might Be Giants, don't even look at Dan.
The Simpsons: Go here.
Norm Macdonald: The funniest man alive.