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    Well, we here at Channel 59 would like YOU to join the Channel 59 Family. Thats right, we love you! The Street Team is just a fancy name for Family.
    Anyway, as Steet Team Brothers and Sisters you will be the heads of the Channel 59 Fan Club, you'll get on the guest lists for Channel 59 Shows, you'll recive merch at discounted rates, you'll be the first to hear the new album, you'll be the first to recieve special info on the band, and you'll also get special Street Team Members Only merchendise options!
    It's almost no work and all fun! So read below to find out how to join and what you have to do once your in the family!

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Reasons To Join

You'll get:
free stuff!
 into shows for free!
be part of gang like
Channel 59 merch that
      no one can get!
Respect and Honor!

Story Of The Week

Once I spread a rumor that my friend Jimmy Cuniglio fucked his cats. Well, word got around really fast and when Jim found out he was mad. He locked me in a closet and tried to stab me with a dart. He eventually stabbed me in the back.


All the Street team has to do is:
    Print out flyiers for Channel 59 shows
    Copy the flyiers (and get recipts so we can pay you for them
    Hand the flyiers out at shows you go to
    Hang them in your school\college
    Put them in record stores and coffe shops and stuff
It's that easy! Also, when our mech gets in, we will mail YOU FREE SAMPLES of our STICKERS, PINS, & PATCHES for you to give out to your friends and at shows!

about me
All you have to do to join is email with your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, AGE and SCHOOL NAME.
Once we get your info we will let you know about all the cool things that await you!

So sign up now! Email!