One Quick Thing.

I added the Steve Page to the members section. Check it out.Click here for that.

Thats about all for now. See you at the show. News From Yesterday is below.
NEWS AS OF 11.23.99.
Hi everybody. We filled our guestbook up, so we had to get a new one. Be sure to sign it! It's in the new InterHyperActive Part of the web page. Also, the shows page has been redone. Check it out. It has th lastest info on our show with the AQUABATS and The HIPPOS! Check it out!
Click here for more info! I fixed this link. It works now!

Well, I'm working on a new Channel59 online layout. This has been our set up for 3 years now, and I kinda hate it...a lot. The new one will be much more fun and better looking and all that stuff that people tell you when things change. It will moast likely suck, but it'll keep me busy.

AJ came to visit me at college the other week, isn't that cute? He beat me everynight and made me sleep on the floor. He fucked all my friends. Why AJ? Why?

Anyway, thats all for now. Check back soon since I update this like every other day. Old news is below! See you at the Show!
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OLD NEWS AS OF 11.17.99
Hey hey hey! We will be playing our first show on LI since Aug 20th. All must go! It's with the AQUABATS and the HIPPOS.
Click here for more info!

Well do I have a story for you! I went to the Daily show on Friday. It wasa tapeing for the Daily Show Special "The Greaest Mellenium." The house band for the night was my favortie band They Might Be Giants. Well, during the show the annoucer and host Jon Stewart started asking me why I was wriiting stuff down(I was wriiting down the set of TMBG). Anyway, I told them why and they called me a nut and then Paul, the announcer asked if I was in a band. I said yeah, a ska band on LI called Channel 59. Then Jon stwert, host of the Daily Show, mega superstar said: "I like your music Dan!" Honest to God! Then he picked a fight with me(he really did). It was cool. well anyway, the show went on, I started talking to paul again, one on one and asked him if I could meet my heroes They Might Be Giants. And you know what he said, do ya? He said yes. Well, after the show we were allowed backstage to meet the band. I got to talk to Dan the guitar player and my JOHN FLANSBURG!!! It was a dream come true. We talked about the band and he signed my set and they told me how they hate ska. I was never so happy.

Anyway, it's been a great week. I won a Stand Up Comitition at the New York Comedy Club. I got $40, it was cool. Thanks to everyone that came out!

Anyway, i'll add more to this tonite.

Well, tonite came and left and all I added was the show info. Sorry to disapiont. see you soon! Old news is below.

Your pal, Dan!
NEWS AS OF 11.07.99
Hello hello hello! Things are going great here at Ch59 headquaters! The street team is underway, we have some major shows in the works and other neat stuff like that!

The members page has a new part to it. We have added the Timmy Timmy HotCakes Bio Page!
Click here for that!

Hey kids!
Greg bought a brand new Bari Sax that practicaly cost him 10% of his yearly tuition to Northwestern. In otherwords it was really really really freakin expensive. Greg needs your help! He wants to put stickers from Ch59 fans on Long Island on his Bari case. However lacking the money, and the slight inconvenience of being in Chicago as left him helpless. Please mail him any stickers you would like to see on his Bari case. Friends have already mailed him 21 stickers but stills has a shit load of room that has to be filled. Email him at and tell him about your sticker.

Dan has another stand up gig! Please to it! He really could use the money!Click here for that!

I haven't started the Richie 4 Life Crew Page yet, but i will soon! Ans the Street team Bio's and PIcs will also be up soon!

Thats about all for this week. We wil have major show info up really soon!

By the end of the week. By the way, call up 92.7 between 6pm and 7pm Sunday and request Channel59 and ask Jay to put us on the Y2SKA Festival! we will love you for ever! The number to call is 955-0927. Flod their chat room between 6pm and 7pm Sunday and demand they put us on the Y2Ska festival. As you can see, we really want to play that show. He have big plans in mind. Big, big plans, so we must get on that show! Please help us. again, that number is 955-0927!

Well, after begging I feel like less than human, but, I'll get over it! see you next soon! Check back for more updates!
Below is old news! have fun!
Your Pal,

OLD NEWS AS OF 10.26.99!!!

Well, it's the end of October. Wow. Sorry we didn't to play and shows on Long Isalnd, well be playing a buch in November. We have some HUGE shows lined up. But more on that soon.

We have some changes in personell that are taking effect. Not that you care. But I think we might have another guitar player. AJ is still here, but now we have 2 AJs.

Thanks to everyone that came down to Dan's Stand Up Comedy Show at the New York Comedy Club on East 24th Street. He'll be doing it again soon in early November.

Also, we have yet another "Richie 4 Life Crew" guest book entry! Hurray! Those loveable white trash degenerates never grow tried to writting the same offensive shit about our mothers and about how we have sex with them and each other. If it wasn't for them, it wouldn't be worth it. Thanks Richie 4 Life Crew! In related news, we will soon be adding the "Richie 4 Life Crew Fan Page" to Channel59 Online. It will have all the guest book entries they have ever written, all the nasty emails we have ever gotten from them, stories of our confrontations with them at parties and shows, and nothing else. Thanks again guys, Richie 4 Life!

Thats about it for this week. Once again, well have the show info up really soon, promise. Below is old news, read it if you missed it, its really dumb.

OLD NEWS AS OF 10.14.99

Hey everybody. It's Dan again. Anyway. Tim and I been updating like crazy. I hope you all enjoy it. Well, I actually have some news!

We have shows coming up again. We had to take a break from playing while we were adjusting to college and differing schedules. Check out the shows page for more info.
Click here for that!

Also, we have started the CHANNEL 59 STREET TEAM! For more info on that check out the Street team Members Page!
Click here for that!

Also, Dan has a solo show coming up!
We would love you to all go to that. He is going to be doing his
Stand Up Comedy act at the New York Comedy Club in Manhattan
. More info is on the shows page about that.
Click here for that!

The Step Lively CD Release show is gonna be some time in mid November! It'll probably be at the Babylon Methodist Church and some of the money will go to FOOD NOT BOMBS! The bands on the bill will most like'll be Step Lively, Ch59, Big D & The Kids Table, Day 19, Fiberglass and a few more. Make sure everyone comes down!

We also have some shows coming up towards the end of November. Nothing has been confirmed yet so I can't say anything or I'll fuck it up, sorry!

Also in major Channel 59 news, Alto sax player Matt has gone slut! Anyone interested in sucking on his 13 inch monster come on down to a show and I'm sure he'd be more than glad to accomadate your whoredom.

The Members Page is almost redone. It looks hot!

Anyway, I'll be back with more updates soon! Thanks for reading, enjoy the page! Love, your pal,

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