NICK!Walk down any street in America, and you'll find Nick! Turn on the TV and you'll find Nick. Nick is everywhere, he is the norm. He is the total embodiment of all that is STATUS QUO. He is as normal as a human being can get. Now, like all normal human beings, Nick thinks he is creative and different.....but, he is merely Status Quo. From what he says to what he eats, he is a templet of society. Nick walks the line and never strays from it. For that would be breaking the mold. That would be against the norm. That, would not be Status Quo, and therefore, not Nick.


Here we have Nick at the PTC back in March. what is he doing? Man is he crazy. What a funny guy!

Ohhh Pretty Baby! Oh Hot Mommna! Look I'm Nick!

Wow! The Two Hot Studs of the CH59. They maybe studs, but they will never know what it feels like to be FUCKABLE in the eyes of the fans, like Tim, Dan and Jeff do. Click here for more on that

Wow! Nick playing the SAX! WOW! AMAZING!

Here we have Nik singing again. Nick seems to forget he is the SAX player of Channel59. I guess SAX deviates to far from the norm, singing is much more Status Quo.

Here we have the Studs again. Singing away. You know, if you listen careful on the Channel59 Theme Song on Channel59 Raw At The Vanderbuilt, you can here Nick sing this:
Yo Vanderbuilt! What's Up!?!?!?
Good job Nick, real original. Anyway, does anyone see Steve gazing in Nicks eyes here? I sure do. Think about.

Hey folks. Well, we hope you liked the Nick page. He works at the Barnes & Noble in Bay Shore. If you want to say hi, stop in. Or, murder him there if you are a crazy internet nut.


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Nick has hated his friends times in the past four days.