Paul! Update: Paul is a Freshman music major at Hofstra. You know that guy in our band, he plays like all those drums. Not the drums, but the other drums, and the whistles and stuff. And he wears a hat, and he laughs at his own jokes. Well, thats Paul. Look for him sometime. And thank him for being there, he's a good guy. Oh yeah! Ask him to do anything pointless! He can do it! The man is like a walking circus! It's unreal! Honest! But, no one ever sees him, so one will ever know to ask him to juggle or eat fire or tame lions and stuff.


A rare picture of Paul. Few of these exist. See him there, with the hat? Thats him.

Another great one of Paul.

Classic Paul McKenna photo. One of the best ewer taken

Well over have asked us "Who's that? Does he play all those drums? why does he have all those drums?"