TIM, TRUE LADIES MAN!Tim may not be the strongest member of Channel59, or the tallest or best looking member. But Tim is by far the best with the ladies. His style and ultra confidence get him all the chicks. Women can't keep their minds off Tim. But Tim does not use these powers for evil. Tim never takes advatage of his ultimate aphrodisiac. Tim, you are a true ladies man!


Here we have Tim playing Pinball. He is very excited that he is doing well. we are happy for Tim.

This is Tim at what I'd call "a bad time." He wasn't so pleased I stopped over to say hi. Sorry Tim.

You all saw how mad Tim was when I stopped by, well just look at his face after I told him I had gotten the AIDS virus. He has the shocked and happy look on his face. Sorry Tim, I don't really have the AIDS virus. I just said that so you won't rape me.

Tim is working. How wrong was that AIDS joke. My Lord, what was I thinking. Sorry to everyone with AIDS. I'll take that joke down very soon.

Tim after winning "The Best Lover A woman Could Ever Have Award." Tim we are proud of you for so many things.

Tim teaching some dumb broad how to use some math thing.

Busy with lods upon lods of internet porn, Tim has no time for chicks. Even if the chicks are known for being huge sluts. (Sorry Allison).

A sad time for Tim. He just found out he lost "The Best Lover A woman Could Ever Have Award." Due to his neglect of a prefectlty fine slut, the award went to the blonde guy on "Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place." Sorry Tim.

Tim hiding like a coward from the evils of the little green glass frog. The little green glass frog came to avenge the death of "Little Glass Peter Pan Thing!" The little green glass frog beat the fuck out of Tim and Tim cried.

Tim just wants you to know this: "Yankee Baseball Baby, Yankee Baseball."

Tim and the Colloquial Spanish book. This book is very nice. did you know that norteamericano means US citizen? And did you know that balde means bucket or pail?

TRim has kicked us out of his house a lot. He NIck has done it times more than Tim has.


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Incase you forgot, "Yankee Baseball Baby, Yankee Baseball."

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